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2021 Raffle Winners

Grand Prize Winner for a trip to Ireland 

Gina Clapper

Champaign, Illinois

Second Place Winner

Michael Cauley

Tamarack Hollow Weekend in Nebo, NC

Deerfield, Wisconsin

First Choice of secondary trips and prizes

Third Place Winner

Nichole Fischer

Orchid Cottage Weekend in Savannah, GA

Brookville, Ohio

Second Choice of Secondary trips and prizes

Fourth Place Winner

Van Morfit

Ponte Verde, Florida

Third Choice of secondary prizes

Honorary Winner 

Dominque Selmayr

Tijeras, New Mexico

If first through fourth place winners cannot be reached, or refuse available prizes winner will get a choice. No worries! We will have something special for Peggy if all the prizes are gone!

Congratulations to All our Winners!

See you Next Year!

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