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Breed Education

Whether you are new to the Irish Wolfhound, or just looking for the most updated information on the breed, the Irish Wolfhound Association of the Carolinas can help.  We support the Irish Wolfhound Club of America's (IWCA) Standard of Behavior for Breeders, and our Breeder Liaison is available to assist prospective owners with starting their journey towards bringing their Irish Wolfhound puppy home.  We also feel it is important to support our current owners with ongoing research and information related to the breed.

Please contact us if any of these links do not work or if you have suggestions for additional websites.


For General Breed Information:

Irish Wolfhound Club of America (IWCA) - The AKC parent club for the breed.

American Kennel Club (AKC) - Not-for-profit organization advocataing for the purebred dog as a family companion, advancing canine health and well-being, working to protect the rights of all dog owners, and promoting responsible dog ownership.

Irish Wolfhound Society

The Irish Wolfhound Foundation

Early History of the Irish Wolfhound   

Irish Wolfhound Puppies

The IWCA website is an excellent source of information on puppies, from what to look for in a responsible breeder, recommended health testing, socializing and feeding. 

IWCA - Irish Wolfhound Puppies page

IWCA Breeder Directory - List of breeders who have agreed to follow the Standard of Behavior

IWCA Standard of Behavior for Breeders (pdf is also available on this link)

Irish Wolfhound Database - Comprehensive database with pedigrees of over 170,000 Irish Wolfhounds .  This is a great tool to research a host of information relating to lineage, number of litters, health testing, causes of death, and names of breeders.

Orthopedic Health Foundation (OFA) - database recording health testing results for heart, hips/elbows and eye (CERF) testing on AKC registered dogs.

Breed Health Information

Irish Wolfhound Health Group -  The Irish Wolfhound Health Group (IWHG) is a UK body that originally comprised representatives from each of the four breed clubs: the Irish Wolfhound Club, the Irish Wolfhound Society, the Irish Wolfhound Club of Northern Ireland and the Irish Wolfhound Club of Scotland. It was established in 2004 specifically to look at health issues in a unified way across the breed.

Pneumonia - Includes downloadable PDF documents of the latest Pneumonia Protocol and important information for your vet.

Irish Wolfhound Society 

Liver Shunt: What You Should Know Before You Buy, by Tamara Dunn of Ierne Irish Wolfhounds

IWHG Liver Shunt - included detailed description of testing methods.

Universities Federation for Animal Welfare - Genetic Welfare Problems of Companion Animals, Liver Shunt

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