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2015 Newsletters 

Diana Vreeken Editor

Deadline for Submissions

Edition / Time period that it covers:

Winter        1st Quarter        January 1 - March 31                Deadline:   March 8

Spring        2nd Quarter       April 1 - June 30                      Deadline:   June 8

Summer     3rd Quarter        July 1 - September 30             Deadline:  September 8

Fall             4th Quarter       October 1 - December 31          Deadline:   December 8

Please send articles*, pictures**, rainbow bridge, events, brags, etc. to Diana Vreeken at 
*    If you submit an article authored by someone other than yourself, please get permission first from the author and let Diana know.
**  If you submit a photograph(s) from someone other than yourself, please obtain permission for IWAMS to use it/them in our newsletter from the
     photographer, and let Diana know who the photographer is so that they can be given credit in the newsletter.  Thank you! 

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