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Angie Adams

President & Newsletter Editor

Irish Wolfhound Association of the Carolinas


The first time I saw an Irish Wolfhound was in 2004, at a dog show.  I remember seeing these incredibly magnificent dogs and being immediately drawn to them.   Their owners were gracious enough to allow me to ask a lot of questions, and when one very dark, gray male leaned on me, I was completely smitten.  He was so big, but so gentle, and from that moment on, I knew one day I would share my life with one.  I started learning everything I could about the breed, and was lucky enough to encounter a few more over the next several years. The more I learned about the history of the Irish Wolfhound, the more I was convinced of the breed's magic.  When I met my husband, I was overjoyed to learn he was interested in the breed, too.  In 2014, we relocated from Georgia to North Carolina, and with this move we realized we were finally in the right time of our lives to make our dream a reality.  The reason I know it was the right time, is because one of the first people we met after moving, was Tamara Dunn.  She invited us to her home to meet her hounds, and it was the first time my husband had gotten to see one in person.   One of her male wolfhounds, Berin, came right up to my husband and leaned on him...and you guessed it, he was in love.  Tamara referred us to a breeder, and we were very lucky to bring home our first puppy, who we named Ceria, that summer.   We took Ceria with us to the Raleigh St. Patrick's Day parade the following March, and there we met several members of IWAC.  I joined soon after that and have been a member every since.  In 2014 we got our second wolfhound, Lochlann.  I have heard many people say, once you live with an Irish Wolfhound, you will always want to live with an Irish Wolfhound.  I can 100% say that is correct.  And I can also confirm that they are, indeed, magical.

One of the first things I learned when I brought Ceria home, was as wolfhound owners, we are truly ambassadors for the breed.  We can go anywhere with our hounds, and people will stop and ask about them.  They will cross the street to have a chance to pet them, and take their picture.  I have watched people's faces literally light up when they meet a wolfhound.  I am always ready to talk about my hounds, and help people learn about how to find a responsible breeder.  I truly believe that the Irish Wolfhound is unique and unlike any other breed, and I am proud to be a part of an organization that promotes responsible breeding, education and rescue.

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